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Drunk Driving

Defenses for OWI/DUI charges

When the police pull over a car and arrest the driver for being under the influence, the driver might fear what comes next. Drunk driving penalties in Iowa could leave someone facing fines, jail time and a loss of driving privileges. Those facing a third or fourth...

What to know about OWI in Iowa

Every state enacts laws to combat drunk driving to keep roads safe, even if they use different initials. While most states call it DUI, Iowa calls it OWI, or operating under the influence. Drivers in West Des Moines, Iowa, who get caught drunk driving face several...

Common defenses for OWI law in Iowa

Some states call driving under the influence DUI, but Iowa calls it OWI, or "operating while intoxicated." Drivers in West Des Moines, Iowa, may face several stiff penalties and fines, but they can challenge the charges with some valid defenses. Overview of OWI in...

When is DUI a felony or a misdemeanor?

Iowa has one of the strictest impaired driving laws in the nation. While some states set the bar for a felony charge at a fourth offense for DUI, Iowa lowers that standard to three impaired driving arrests. Iowa does follow the standardized guideline of .08 BAC when...

Open container laws in Iowa

While the initials used to refer to drunk driving differ, all states mandate laws to combat intoxicated driving. Iowa calls drunk driving OWI, or operating while intoxicated. Drivers in West Des Moines, Iowa, know that it's illegal to operate vehicles under the...

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