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Options For A Fresh Start After Opioid Drug Charges

While it has been less impacted than other states, Iowa has seen a sharp rise in deaths due to opiate addiction in the past 10-15 years. In 2016, 180 state residents died due to opiate drugs, up from just 28 in 2005. With this medical epidemic comes increased police vigilance related to the illegal possession and use of opiate drugs, whether they are obtained through prescription drug abuse or on the street (for drugs such as heroin).

Opioid drug charges can result in long prison sentences and huge fines if you are convicted. At Spellman Law, P.C., our attorneys have worked with many clients facing drug charges and know how to prepare an aggressive defense for you. We move quickly, so you know your options immediately.

How Our Lawyers Help You Prepare Your Case

The attorneys at our firm conduct a careful review of your arrest records and the prosecution’s case against you. We seek every opportunity to provide you with an optimal result, including dropped charges, an acquittal or a reduced sentence. Some of the elements of your case that we will explore with you include:

  1. If the evidence gathered during your arrest was obtained through an unlawful search operation.
  2. If your arrest charges were escalated from possession to trafficking simply based on the amount of the opioid you had in your possession.
  3. If you qualify for diversion or treatment options through one of Iowa’s drug court programs.

When you are facing serious drug charges, there is no advantage to letting your case progress through the system without a strong legal advocate on your side. Call our firm today to receive the counsel you need to fight for your rights.

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We will meet with you in jail or at other locations if needed, so we can begin working together on your case as soon as possible. We serve clients facing opioid charges in West Des Moines and across the state of Iowa. Call our offices at 515-222-4330 for a free initial consultation, or email us via our online intake form.