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Confront Prescription Fraud Charges With A Des Moines Attorney By Your Side

Last updated on June 26, 2024

If you have been charged with prescription fraud charges, you may be up against more than just criminal charges. The collateral consequences of prescription fraud charges may be a loss of a professional license and employment — in addition to any jail time, prescription drug diversion or monetary fine you may receive.

At Spellman Law, P.C., we represent individuals and health care professionals, including doctors and licensed nurses, faced with prescription fraud criminal charges. With the rise in opioid addiction in the United States, prescription fraud charges are becoming more and more prevalent. We know there is more to your story than a simple criminal charge you are facing. Let us help you fight your charge.

We Have Extensive Experience Defending Drug Charges

While prescription fraud charges involve unique factors, there is no question you will need a strong defense attorney presenting your case. We have experience defending a variety of drug crimes both in federal and state court. This background benefits each of our clients.

Our lawyers take a prescription fraud charge very seriously and we know that you do too. When so much is at stake — your criminal record and your professional status — we will aggressively challenge all of the evidence and charges filed against you. The consequences can be life-altering so contact an attorney to help you evaluate all of your options.

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