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Standing Up To Drug Crime Charges

Drug charges are a serious, tangled and complicated business. There are various layered aspects to drug charges and legal defense, especially the issues of constitutional search and seizure. You need a lawyer who can fight for you if you are charged with marijuana or other drug charges — a local attorney who knows this area and who knows the law, that can help you navigate the charges brought against you.

Our attorneys will fight for your defense against drug charges. We always work with the client to build the best personalized defense strategy for them. If you are looking for someone who knows how to handle the complicated aspects of drug charge defense, and someone who will fight tooth and nail to defend you, then you’ve come to the right firm.

Many Defense Options | Drug Charges

Whether you were charged with a drug offense involving marijuana or other drugs, we can help. The average person doesn’t realize, the plethora of legal defense possibilities available to them, and that’s where we come in.

The following are some of the most common marijuana-related offenses.

  • Possession of marijuana: This charge is for simply having marijuana on your person, car or in your home.
  • Possession of marijuana with intent to deliver: This offense is charged when the quantity of marijuana you possess, coupled with surrounding circumstances, lead to being suspected of providing or delivering.
  • Tax stamp violations: When the amount of marijuana you possess reaches or exceeds 42.5 grams, the state will add the charge of class D felony which is “failure to affix an Iowa state drug tax stamp.

There are many non-marijuana-related drug offenses, involving drugs like:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription drug violations

Prescription drug violations can include fraudulent prescriptions and misuse of drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, Benzedrine and others.

The attorneys at Spellman Law, P.C., have experience working throughout the state of Iowa, handling many felony-level offenses. We can represent you in federal or state court.

We Can Help You Even Before You Are Charged

“Most people think that there is nothing a criminal defense lawyer can do before formal charges are issued. This is wrong. Contact us as soon as you know you are being investigated. We can help you avoid incriminating yourself and help keep you out of jail.” Sean P. Spellman, founding attorney

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