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Accused Of Internet Crimes? Call Our Des Moines Attorneys Today.

With the massive increase in availability of technology in recent years, it comes as no surprise that criminal charges involving technology have also increased. Internet crimes, in particular, have been prosecuted more in recent years than ever before. With the evidentiary and technological challenges involved with the internet and other computer-based crimes, internet crime defense requires experience, skill and dedication.

At Spellman Law, P.C., we defend clients throughout Iowa against internet crime charges. We have been focusing exclusively on criminal defense matters for the better part of a decade. If you are facing internet crime charges, contact the firm for a free consultation.

Internet Crimes Are Often Federal Crimes

Because internet crimes usually involve the passage of information across state lines, these cases are often tried in federal court. The federal court system is not simply another version of the state criminal justice system; it has its own separate rules and procedures that require experience from a defense lawyer.

  • Internet sex crimes: Since the Internet affords people the opportunity to obtain illicit sexual material more confidentially and with less effort, charges of possession of child pornography and other illegal pornographic materials involve the Internet with increasing frequency. Other sex crime charges like solicitation of a minor, sexual harassment and stalking often involve the internet, as well.
  • White collar internet crimes: Computer and internet technology are the most common way to commit fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and many more in a wide range of white collar crimes.
  • Drug trafficking: It is becoming increasingly popular for delivery of a controlled substance, drug trafficking, interstate drug crimes and other felony drug crimes to initiate over the internet.

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