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Criminal Defense

Important facts about firearm possession

Owning a gun can feel like a big responsibility in Iowa. This is especially the case if this is your first time owning a firearm. However, firearm possession is actually very easy as long as you follow a few simple firearm laws. So, if you are looking for firearm...

Money laundering and the financial world

Money laundering is the practice of taking money received for a criminal act and getting it into the financial system in a way that makes it look like it was legitimately earned. If you work in any branch of finance in Iowa, you are probably well aware of the many...

Robbery and using violence to steal

Defendants may feel confused about the charges they face. Even at an arraignment, the accused might not understand why they face certain charges. Iowa statutes spell out crimes in detail, but the average person might not know what the law says. Knowing the law is...

Is mortgage fraud a widespread crime?

Although it's perfectly legal to seek a mortgage to finance your Iowa home, you must get the right amount toward that loan. Unfortunately, fraud does occur, including mortgage fraud. This is a federal crime that is taken very seriously, which means the consequences...

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