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Know the life-altering consequences of a criminal conviction

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Criminal Charges, Criminal Defense |

When a person is arrested in Iowa, the potential for incarceration and fines comes to the forefront. However, they often forget the extended ramifications that can be just as troublesome.

A criminal history can be problematic in life

Those with a criminal record often find that it hinders them in several ways. They need to address this fact as their case proceeds.

For those seeking employment, a prospective employer will likely want to know the person’s history. When filling out an application, during the interview and as the employer conducts a background check, a person’s criminal history will come to light. Some employers are reluctant to hire someone with a criminal record.

Having a record can also negatively impact a person’s search for housing. Landlords will also need a background check to ensure their property will be protected from damage or bad behavior. A landlord could use a criminal record as a reason not to approve a rental.

There are negative perceptions surrounding a criminal record regardless of what it was for. This harms a person’s reputation in the community and even with family members. Driver’s licenses and professional licenses can be suspended because of a conviction.

A person who is incarcerated could see their credit score drop because they were unable to earn income and keep current on their bills. These are just some of the possible challenges that need to be considered when weighing how to craft a criminal defense.

Criminal allegations should be fought vigorously

Being arrested and confronted with accusations of wrongdoing is intimidating enough without thinking about the aftermath of a conviction. Given the problems a person can face for a conviction in the criminal justice system and beyond, it becomes essential to know one’s options and plan an effective defense strategy.



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