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Marijuana Offenses

How legal is marijuana in Iowa?

Much of the United States has taken a more relaxed stance on marijuana in the last few years. Many states, including Minnesota and Illinois, have approved the use of medical marijuana. Others, like Nebraska and Missouri, have revised possession laws, reducing the...

2 men facing marijuana-related charges

Two men were taken into custody in Iowa on drug-related charges on Jan. 19. Initially, police attempted a traffic stop after receiving a report about reckless driving on Interstate 80. Police located the minivan, but the 20-year-old driver would not stop. The police...

Iowa is not a marijuana-friendly state

The decriminalization of marijuana is common in many states. Iowa isn't one of those states. Here, the law is still very unfavorable to people who smoke marijuana or use derivatives of cannabis.In this state, the only people who can legally possess any derivative of...