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Reckless driving expungements in Iowa

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Drivers make errors in judgment that can result in speeding tickets or citations for other moving violations. Sometimes, a driver could become involved in a severe collision on Iowa roads. The incident might result in more than an insurance claim for personal injury. A driver’s reckless behavior may lead to criminal charges, leading to a permanent criminal record. Some might wonder if the record is permanent or if they have options to wipe out records related to reckless driving.

Eliminating records related to reckless driving

Under the law, it might be possible to expunge not-guilty verdicts and criminal charge dismissals provided the former defendant meets the requirements. For example, the defendant must have been competent to stand trial, and 180 days must pass after the judgment.

Some misdemeanor convictions might be eligible for expungement, but not all misdemeanors may qualify. The person seeking the expungement must look at the convictions eligible under Iowa’s criminal code. Be mindful that the criteria for a misdemeanor expungement present many rules and requirements. For example, eight years must have passed since the original conviction, and you must have no current pending criminal charges.

Driving record concerns

Expunging reckless driving convictions, such as ones related to a DUI, might be possible under Iowa law. That said, an effective criminal defense that leads to not guilty verdicts or the dismissal of charges may be preferable. Preventing a conviction could be far preferable to trying to remove one from a permanent record.

Even when a criminal conviction ends up expunged, the record might never go away. For example, a former employer or co-worker could inform others about the incident if someone loses their job over a criminal arrest.



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