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Can police lie while interrogating?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If you are taken into custody by police in Iowa, you might wonder what your rights are. Among other things, you may have heard that police cannot lie to you to get a confession, but this is not true.

Police and lying

There are a lot of myths about police work and what happens after you are detained in part because many people get their ideas about criminal defense and procedure from TV shows and movies. One of the most common myths is that police are required to tell you that they are the police if they ask. Police must be honest when they are giving testimony in court, but they do not have to tell the truth when they are investigating a case or interrogating someone.

What police can say

Police can say that a certain conversation is off the record or that if you confess, you will not face any penalties even if this is not true. In some cases, they may also interrogate you in a way that hides the fact that you are actually the suspect. For example, their questions might make you think that they are investigating your friend and not you.

Knowing your rights

It is important to know that these tactics are legal and to know your rights. You are not required to talk to police. Some people might try to do this, particularly if they did not do what they are accused of, assuming they can explain the situation, but sometimes, this is a mistake.

If you are facing criminal charges or simply being questioned by police, you might want to contact an attorney. Some people may worry that working with an attorney will look like an admission of guilt, but this is another myth, and an attorney may help you understand your rights.



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