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Transient Iowa man faces up to 30 years for drug and gun charges

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A domestic dispute that erupted on the 800 block of Fairchild Street in Iowa City resulted in police arresting a man on drug and firearm charges. The combined penalties for the felonies and misdemeanors aimed at him could add up to a 30-year prison sentence.

Court documents described the 31-year-old man as a transient. According to the police report, officers found him in possession of marijuana packaged for sale, small bags of cocaine and methamphetamine pills. The police search also located a loaded handgun inside a cereal box along with another large bag of marijuana. Altogether police confiscated 54 grams of marijuana

His controlled substance charges represent Class D felonies as do his two counts of a felon possessing a firearm. He also faces misdemeanor charges for possession of controlled substances. The domestic dispute complaint produced another misdemeanor charge for domestic abuse without causing injury. Authorities continue to hold him in the Muscatine County Jail.

When a person is arrested, a prosecutor generally applies as many charges as the evidence could feasibly support. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney could help a defendant understand the extent of the charges and their potential penalties. After an attorney evaluates a case, the alleged offender could make an informed decision about accepting a plea bargain or fighting charges at a trial. An attorney might strive to protect the defendant from aggressive prosecution by attempting to negotiate for reduced charges. This might be achieved by challenging the validity of evidence, especially if police officers violated a person’s rights. If drug charges are involved, an attorney might gain a reduced sentence that replaces jail time with a drug diversion program.



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