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How Ponzi schemes work and red flags

Financial crimes in West Des Moines, Iowa happen when the perpetrator has the intention of depriving a person of property through deceit. These schemes are commonly committed by individuals, corporations, or organizations. A Ponzi scheme is an example of a financial...

What is implied consent?

There are many laws to remember when commuting on Iowa roads. Most of them are second nature to experienced drivers, such as following the speed limit or wearing their seat belt.However, some laws are not as well-known even though they are just as critical for drivers...

How arrest warrants work in Iowa

In almost every television crime drama you watch, arrest warrants are issued for suspects in criminal cases. Law enforcement goes before the judge to explain why they believe the court should issue an arrest warrant. It's a serious matter to have a judge issue a...

3 ways to prepare for your day in court

Following an arrest, you will have to appear in court before a judge on numerous occasions. Whether it will be your first or fifth time walking into a courtroom, it is imperative that you prepare and behave appropriately at all times. You have a duty as a litigant to...

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