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Month: January 2022

Meth production and the presence of minors

Circumstances dictate specific drug crime sentencing in Iowa. With methamphetamine production so pervasive in the state, law enforcement and legislators chose to establish harsher penalties for those who expose minors to it. Likely, the hazards associated with...

What to know about OWI in Iowa

Every state enacts laws to combat drunk driving to keep roads safe, even if they use different initials. While most states call it DUI, Iowa calls it OWI, or operating under the influence. Drivers in West Des Moines, Iowa, who get caught drunk driving face several...

Robbery and using violence to steal

Defendants may feel confused about the charges they face. Even at an arraignment, the accused might not understand why they face certain charges. Iowa statutes spell out crimes in detail, but the average person might not know what the law says. Knowing the law is...

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