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Month: July 2021

Disorderly conduct in Iowa

In Iowa, individuals can be arrested for disorderly conduct when they engage in a variety of different activities. Disorderly conduct includes any public behavior that may offend other people. The disorderly conduct statute is broad and includes multiple types of...

Can police lie while interrogating?

If you are taken into custody by police in Iowa, you might wonder what your rights are. Among other things, you may have heard that police cannot lie to you to get a confession, but this is not true. Police and lying There are a lot of myths about police work and what...

What you need to know about wire fraud

Wire fraud is very common in Iowa and around the world. This type of fraud happens through social media, texts, emails or phone calls. It generally involves someone scamming the victim out of a lot of money by tricking them into giving them their bank account...

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