Severe Consequences for Multiple OWI/DUI Convictions

A criminal conviction for operating while intoxicated/driving under the influence (OWI/DUI) can have serious consequences in your life. If you have already been convicted at least once in the past and you are now facing a second or subsequent charge of OWI/DUI, the consequences can be even worse. Fines, jail time and loss of driving privileges: all of the consequences of a DUI/OWI conviction increase with each successive conviction.

Spellman Law, P.C., is a law firm dedicated to helping clients minimize this damage. From their Des Moines office, attorneys Sean and Mary Spellman defend clients throughout Iowa against the penalties of second and subsequent DUI convictions.

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Spellman Law, P.C., offers free initial consultations to potential clients in Iowa facing first or subsequent OWI/DUI charges. This gives you the opportunity to talk with a lawyer in a no-cost, confidential setting to learn about the options available to you. Schedule a free consultation online or by calling our office at 515-222-4330.

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