Defense Against Drunk Driving Charges

In Iowa, drunk driving is called operating while intoxicated (OWI, often called DUI). This is a serious offense. Even though people from all walks of life with no criminal history make the mistake of driving under the influence, the state of Iowa prosecutes OWI aggressively. If you have been charged with OWI, you need an aggressive attorney who can walk you through the legal process and defend you against these charges.

At Spellman Law, P.C., we limit our practice areas to OWI and other criminal defense matters so that our clients get the most focused representation possible. Sean and Mary Spellman, our Des Moines OWI/DUI defense attorneys, will give you an honest assessment of your case and defend you from OWI charges.

The OWI/DUI Process

We will handle all aspects of your drunk driving case, from the free initial consultation through the trial and administrative hearings. Most OWI cases look something like this:

  • Step 1 — Filing for an appeal with the Iowa DOT: If you have been charged with an OWI, the Iowa Department of Transportation allows you to file for an appeal of your driver’s license revocation within 10 days. If an appeal is not filed with the DOT, your driver’s license revocation will commence at the conclusion of the 10 days.
  • Step 2 — Preparation for criminal trial: We will look at the severity of the offense (which is determined in part by whether it is a first, second or subsequent OWI offense), the nature and circumstances of the stop that led to the charge, and the investigation itself. We will explore all the reports, videos and Breathalyzer calibration logs — looking for any way to minimize or invalidate the charges brought against you in preparation for trial.
  • Step 3 — Criminal trial and administrative hearings: We will handle every aspect of your criminal trial and the corresponding DOT administrative driver’s license hearings.

Complicated Cases

OWI cases are very technical. Our founding attorney Sean P. Spellman has experience finding constitutional violations and other ways that arresting officers fail to comply with the law.

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Sometimes a little bit of knowledge can go a long way to ease your concerns after receiving OWI charges. Schedule a free consultation online or by calling our office at 515-222-4330 to discuss your case.

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